OrgaCustic / OrgaGrip / OrgaOec

Simply quieter

The sound-absorbing OrgaCustic front panel is an efficient and, at the same time, cost-effective “sound absorber” for your desk pedestal. The plastic front panel, which was developed in close cooperation with external acoustics experts, not only makes an important contribution to combating office noise as a stress factor but also looks elegant with its elegant perforated design.

Everything stays in place

The rubberized bottom of our 2-component OrgaGrip material drawer not only ensures that things don’t slide back and forth in the container, but it also helps to reduce noise.

Organic in the office

With the OrgaOec bio-plastic drawer, BBP lives up to its ecological responsibility. The drawer with wood fibers is made almost exclusively from renewable raw materials and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving.