Technical plastic parts and mold making

BBP’s range of products and services includes the design and manufacture of injection moulds as well as the development, testing and supply of components, assemblies, and entire system solutions for industrial production.

The BBP Holding plants

For many customers, it is good to know that in BBP Holding, they have a strong partner with the right mix of diversification and synergy. The company headquarters are located in Marbach. In 1990, the expansion of know-how in mould making was completed with the takeover of PWB Presswerkzeugbau Großdubrau GmbH in Saxony. In 1998, KNB Kunststoffwerk Neuteichnitz Baier GmbH was newly founded – for even more flexibility.


BBP Kunststoffwerk Marbach Baier GmbH Head office, production


PWB Presswerkzeugbau Großdubrau GmbH Mold construction


KNB Kunststoffwerk Neuteichnitz Baier GmbH production


BBP Mexiko S. de R.L. de C.V


60 years of company history

BBP’s success is based on solid cornerstones: quality thinking, acting in partnership, reliability, as well as comprehensive plastics technology knowledge as a result of development and production competence matured over decades of experience.

Our commitment to more enviromental protection

Producing plastics more sustainably is an art that we are mastering more and more. We pay attention to renewable energies in the electricity mix, use solar energy on our premises, and are constantly expanding our in-house recycling and our fleet of electric cars. We are also expanding the proportion of biomaterials, recycled materials, or renewable raw materials in our products. Also important: our lightweight plastics often save our customers’ weight, clearly improving their carbon footprint.

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