Light as a feather into the future

BBP’s own OrgaAer range is the result of more than 50 years of expertise in the field of office organization equipment.

Manufactured using the latest production technology, BBP supplies expandable drawer systems that are easy to assemble and easy to service, complemented by a comprehensive range of accessories.

With the OrgaAer container and filing cabinet system, BBP sets new standards in the office furniture industry, offering exceptional, unprecedented convenience.

OrgaAer is characterized by excellent running properties, low pull-out forces, and outstanding stability. Equipped with an automatic retraction system or optionally with a soft-close damping system, the runners guarantee a special user experience over the entire pull-out length, even under heavy loads. Visually, the lightness of the system is reflected in a timelessly elegant design with clear lines. It goes without saying that all the necessary LGA certificates are available for our office furniture line.

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There is always something new

BBP never runs out of innovative ideas, whether it is sound-absorbing container screens, 2-component parts with rubberized shelves, or drawers made of bio-plastic.


Rattling is part of the trade, but not in the office: the OrgaCoustic container screens insulate sound. For quieter working conditions.


Everything stays in its place: the OrgaGrip material drawer not only looks great but is also extremely practical.


Organic in the office? Bio-based plastics are on the rise, e.g., the OrgaOec drawer with approximately 95% bio-material content.